Virgin Gaming, EA Sports and ESPN FC team up for FIFA 14 tournament


Virgin Gaming is teaming up Fifa 14 Coins with EA Sports and ESPN FC for the ESPN FC Champions Cup featuring soccer title FIFA 14, the organizations announced this week.

The ESPN FC Champions Cup is the major ESPN-sponsored online gaming tournament; this year the championship includes competitions in FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Participants herald from all over the world, including the U.S. and U.K., Canada, Germany, Spain, Brazil, France and Latin America.

The Champions Cup winners, two overall on each console, will win all-expenses paid trips to ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. headquarters on Feb. 5, 2014 for the live ESPN FC finals and a tour of the studios, as well as $2,500 USD.

Interested participants can sign up for the qualifying rounds through’s ESPN FC page. Over the next four weeks, each game played in the EA Sports Arena will count towards overall leaderboard rankings. Yesterday through Dec. 22 the scores will focus on Most Games Played; Dec. 23 through 29 will be Most Wins; Jan. 6 through 12 is for Most Goals Scored; and Jan. 13 through 19 is Most Shots on Goal.

The bracketed 16-person semifinals will take place Jan. 24 and 25, and will include three rounds with single elimination games. These rounds will determine the champion gamer for each console.

How to make a safer website

Setting up a website and obtaining a valuable IP address is great, but safety is the next important step. A popular website, especially one with a generic top level domain name such as .com or, makes for a popular target.


Likewise, the interest from thieves will likely rise as much as your traffic does. If people start having a personal interest in your site, giving you their personal data, there will always be criminals interested in taking that information illegally.


As a result, taking the right measures to create a safe website is paramount.


Protect your server


Everything on your website is typically stored on the server, which acts as the IP address and heart of the website. As such, your first measures should be to look into network security and prevent unwanted access.


Firewalls and other anti-viral software will stop viruses and infections, while there are other measures available to protect against DDS (Direct Denial of Service) attacks. Likewise, security sockets layer options encrypt any information sent to and from your website, ensuring hackers can’t simply ‘listen in’ on any communications present.


Stay alert


Finally, alongside regular testing, you should always keep an eye on out for any new attacks. For instance, April’s big headline was the Heartbleed bug, a glitch in Open SSL that allowed people to retrieve private data via accessing the server’s memory.


Fixes and patches are available but, according to a recent survey by Pew Research, only 39% of people have changed their password.


Likewise, 36% were not aware of the problem. This essentially means around a third have changed their password and two thirds haven’t. Given these figures, it’s much safer if you’re one of the third that have made the change.


Even the smallest action makes your website that much harder to crack.


Take action


Likewise, not everyone instantly made sure their website was shielded against future use of Heartbleed – do you know which version of Open SSL your website uses? Heartbleed works with versions between 1.0.1 and 1.0.1f, so sites using these will need to make some changes.


Similarly, if anything else does happen, you should look into forensic services and other protection to find out what happened and ensure the same thing can’t happen again.

Digital security – importance of it in the modern world

In the world we live in today, every business, be it large or small, requires a website. The site in question doesn’t have to be over complicated or flashy, it simply has to work. Listed below are a few simple tricks and tips – all of which guarantee to help you create a tech-savvy business website


Choose an attractive design


There are two common ways to create a business website. One involves investing in a professional web designer to build the site for you; the other requires you to design the site yourself. The latter option is easier than you may think as there are a number of handy templates available online. When creating the website, it’s important to match the design to the tone of your business. This may include anything from an edgy and on-trend style to something more sophisticated.




Online shopping is an extremely hassle-free option for both businesses and consumers. If your site offers the option of being able to make online purchases, then you must make sure that your customers’ private information is safe. There are a number of security options to consider including the likes of using third-party websites such as Paypal for transactions, investing in your own secure shopping cart or looking into various network solutions. Your customers will feel much happier when shopping at a site knowing that they can purchase goods online without worrying about fraudulent transactions. Another possibility involves investing in a PKI (public key infrastructure) certificate, which permits the private and secure online transfer of data and money whilst connected to an unsecured public network. This public key infrastructure showcases a digital certificate in the shape of a pki certificate, which can be viewed by consumers wishing to use the website.


When considering digital security, it’s also important to remember that it’s not only adults that use the Internet. In the last year alone, almost two million children have been contacted by strangers when surfing the web. It’s certainly worth bearing this factor in mind when building a website or webpage.


Provide Clear and Accurate Content


When it comes to a business website, incorrect content is a big no. Your customers need the information on your site to be clear and concise. Both payment instructions and security certificates should be displayed clearly, and navigating around the site should be easy.

Augmente FUT 14 monnaies sont de nouveau disponibles dans le catalogue EASFC

Les articles les plus recherchés de l’ EASFC catalogue sont les Augmente FUT 14 monnaies . Cet article EASFC catalogue permettre aux joueurs de recevoir des pièces supplémentaires FUT pour chaque match que l’élément est actif . Le bonus est ajouté à la fin de chaque match , ainsi que les pièces résultant de la performance du joueur .

Par exemple : une récompense Boost FUT Monnaie 1000 × 5 signifie que les joueurs recevront 1000 supplémentaires FUT pièces à la fin de chacun des cinq matchs suivant, ils complète .

Exemple Par: juin Récompense Boost FUT Monnaie 1000 × 5 signifié Qué Les Joueurs recevront 1000 supplementaires FUT pièces à la fin de Chacun des Cinq matchs suivant :

Près de cinq papillons plus tard, et quand beaucoup de gens ne croyaient plus , EA Sports a profité de l’entretien d’hier et ramené la FUT 14 Coin stimule l’ EASFC catalogue . Tous les articles sont désormais disponibles . Il suffit d’aller à la EASFC calalogue sur votre FIFA 14 et sélectionnez l’onglet « Ultimate Team » ou « tous» .

Vérifiez combien de ces articles à votre niveau vous permet d’acheter ou de demander à vos amis de faire don de vous:


1 300 FC C 200×10
8 450 FC C 200×5
24 1,000 FC C 200×10
28 2,000 FC C 1000×15
32 800 FC C 1000×5
36 750 FC C 200×5
45 1,500 FC C 200×15
51 2,500 FC C 1000×10
53 1,600 FC C 1000×5
56 1,250 FC C 1000×10
73 2,500 FC C 1000×10
96 4,000 FC C 1000×15
118 5,000 FC C 200×15